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Micro Control Instruments Ltd is a leading neuroscience equipment developer and integrator, focused on advancing neuroscience research by supporting the community with exceptional technology.

Our unique equipment range combines our own R&D output with technology from other leading developers; this includes components and systems used for imaging, electrophysiology and drug application.

The UK headquarters are based in the Innovation Stables, on a farm in the Southeast of England. This is supported by a satellite office on the incubation campus of Nanjing University in China. Not only does MCI offer the very best in neuroscience equipment and tools but we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and great value. If you would like to discuss your budget requirements or any specifics about your neuroscience research and equipment needs for your lab then get in touch today.   

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Neuroscience Tech Update

Integration of electrophysiological recordings with single-cell RNA-sequencing

Introduction The brain is comprised of a famously diverse menagerie of specialised cell types, enabling highly refined electrophysiological behaviour, as well as fulfilling brain nutrient needs and defence against pathogens. Functional specialization allows fine-tuning of circuit dynamics and decoupling of support functions such as energy supply, waste removal, and immune defence. Cells in the

Neuronal Circuits

An Electrophysiological Set-up Compatible with Magnetic Neural Stimulation

Abstract Despite rising interest in remote magnetic neural stimulation techniques, there are questions concerning their mechanisms and effects on neuronal activities such as changes in action potential thresholds. Electrophysiological measurement which is the gold standard to understand ion channel activities can be used to validate and verify the effectiveness of magnetic neural modulation methods.


Deep-brain stimulation – Now noninvasively

Deep brain stimulation is a neurosurgical approach that requires implanting of electrodes in the brain, as a means to treat neurological conditions. The implanted battery-operated neurostimulator will block electrical signals from certain target areas in the brain, which most commonly include the subthalamic nucleus and the globus pallidus interna. Even though deep brain stimulation


Neuroinflammation: Are Cannabinoids the Cure?

Introduction Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, is a product of the Cannabis sativa plant and the active compounds from this plant are collectively referred to as cannabinoids (CBs). Studies to date indicate that the main pharmacological function of the cannabinoid system is in neuromodulation: controlling motor functions, cognition, emotional responses, homeostasis and motivation. However,


Fundamentals Series: Micromanipulators Part 2

Our Fundamentals Series of articles will endeavour to discuss basic concepts related to tools, techniques and technology, primarily focused on the neurosciences. Functional Movement terminology and concepts relevant to micromanipulators This is the second chapter on the first topic in our Fundamentals Series. The Micromanipulators topic comprises of three informative chapters, which started with an overview

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