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Neuroscience Lab Equipment and Tools

Micro Control Instruments Ltd is a leading neuroscience equipment supplier, developer and integrator, focused on advancing neuroscience research by supporting the community with exceptional technology, value and service.

Our Products

Our unique equipment range of neuroscience lab equipment combines our own research and development with technology from other leading developers.

Our wide range of equipment and technology covers applications from imaging, electrophysiology and drug application.

We specialise in a number of areas and equipment types:

Optical Breadboards and Anti-Vibration Tables: Our MCI Air range of anti vibration systems offer top of the range quality at prices that suit the modern research budget.The range of breadboards and tables mean there is a solution for most electrophysiology and microscopy applications and labs.

Micromanipulators: Our CleverArm and EasyArm manipulators offer a solution for most types of applications. The CleverArm is a feature packed motorised micromanipulator and the EasyArm offers a solution for those not needing remote control. Both products offer high specification, stability and quality as well as exceptional value.

Optogenetics Light Sources: Our high quality range of light sources include the Polygon400 patterned illuminator as well as our own CleverExplore Illuminate Workstation and more. We offer fiber-coupled LEDs and high intensity LEDs for light sensitive protein activation. As with all our products we focus on quality and reliability alongside value and service.

Complete Electrophysiology Rig: Our CleverExplore workstations offer labs a complete electrophysiology workstation . We have selected a unique array of technology and created a solution that offers a flexible workstation for a broad range of research and applications. Because of the way we package this technology together we are able to offer these rigs in the same price range as other options on the market that have less capability.


The UK headquarters are based in the Innovation Stables, on a farm in the Southeast of England. This is supported by a satellite office on the incubation campus of Nanjing University in China. Not only does MCI offer the very best in neuroscience equipment and tools but we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and great value. If you would like to discuss your budget requirements or any specifics about your neuroscience research and equipment needs for your lab then get in touch today.   

Contact us today to discuss your equipment requirements. 

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