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Teleopto wireless optogenetic stimulator and rat

Teleopto Wireless Optical Stimulation

Optogenetic stimulation with no strings attached

The Teleopto wireless optical stimulation system is the ideal solution for activating opsins in freely behaving mouse or rat. It enables the user a combination of the typical colours for opsin activation in a light-weight (1-4g) head-mounted components, with an Infrared enabled remote controller to control stimulation pulses on the head.

The system comprises of a selection of fiber optic cannulas, each with connect pins to connect with a rechargeable battery-containing receiver which can be removed when not needed. The fiber optic cannula has one or two built-in miniature LEDs, coupled into one or two optical fibers on the other end, which can be inserted into the tissue.

The receiver, which powers up the miniature LED/s in the fiber optic cannula during stimulation, interprets the IR signal from the remote controller. The remote controller should be positioned near the receiver (within 1m, or within 3m if used with an IR emitter – bidirectional), and has a trigger input/s, for linking up with an external trigger source. The frequency of this trigger controls the frequency of the light pulse.

The Teleopto standard set consists of:

  • 3 x LED fiber optic cannulas
  • 1 x Teleopto receiver
  • 1 x remote controller
  • 1 x infrared emitter (for increasing the range of the remote controller)
  • 1 x Teleopto charger (for charging the battery on the receiver)
  • 1 Cannula insertion tool
  • 1 dummy receiver (for animal habituation)
  • 1 trigger cable (for connection between the remote controller and an external trigger source)


Please click here to see available options for the fiber optic cannulas

Please click here to see available options for the Teleopto receiver

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