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A M Systems Extracellular Amplifier model 1700

Two Channel Extracellular Differential Amplifier – Model 1800

The A-M Systems Model 1800 instrument has two independent channels which can function as either a high gain, low noise extracellular amplifier, with the capacity to pass a stimulating current through the same electrode.

Amplifier functionality

This system is ideal for recording neural signals via high impedance metal electrodes. It is the perfect instrument for

  • Single cell spike recordings
  • Evoked potentials
  • Multi-unit recordings
  • LTP
  • Waveform sorting
  • EEG/EMG/ERG recordings

This versatility is achieved by

  • adjustable gain settings (x100; x1,000; x10,000)
  • A Notch Filter
  • Adjustable high and low pass filter settings

Adding to the flexibility of the Model 1800, two different signals with different parameters can be measured from the same electrode by diverting the signal via the second recording channel, where a different set of filter settings can be selected. The mode selection dial on each channel allows the user to switch between recording mode, stimulating mode and impedance monitoring mode.


Stimulator functionality

An isolated stimulator can be connected to the rear panel of the Model 1800 to direct current or voltage via the connected electrodes, using the same electrode for stimulation and recording.

Talk to our friendly applications team to discuss whether the Model 1800 Amplifier will be the ideal solution for your project.





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