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tss20b Electroporator with foot switch

TSS20 Ovodyne Electroporator

MCI now offers the established and popular TSS20 Intracel Ovodyne Electroporator as part of our equipment portfolio. This instrument is the ideal solution for quick and easy programming of accurate square wave pulses, intended for electroporation in general, and in ovo electroporation in particular.

Dedicated to Electroporation

Many years of customer feedback has refined the TSS20 to offer the functionality implemented today, including:

    • Resistance measurement facility – When electroporation is carried out in the presence of a conductive buffer or Howard Ringer’s solution, this feature allows you to measure resistance between electrodes. This means you can have certainty that the correct voltage can be applied and that inter electrode spacing is adequate.
    • Accurate voltage setting – Flexibility in choosing your voltage setting, between 0 and 99.9V in 0.1V increments.
    • Single or multiple pulse protocols – Programmable protocols between 1 pulse and 999 pulses, with pulse width anything between 1 and 999ms (set to 1ms accuracy).
    • Safe operation and current boost – A 30mA current limiting circuit is implemented on the output, which will be enabled whenever the current exceeds the limit.

This current limit can be deactivated by a current boost setting for certain applications, allowing it to pass current of up to 100mA for a single sequence, after which it reverts to the lower limit.

The boost function needs to be programmed separately for each sequence. This function offers flexibility in output current, but prevents the user from applying too much current by accident. With the EP21 Current Amplifier, the limit of output current can be further amplified to a level of 1A.

  • Remote Hand and Foot switches (optional) – Allow for hands-free operation.
  • Complete turn-key solution – we offer the required accessories, including electrodes and electrode holders to complement the system (see spec sheet).
  • Cost-effective – Because the TSS20 is a dedicated device to its application, no unnecessary circuits and additional electronics are included, which translates into a cost saving.

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