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Neuroscience Workstation

CleverExplore Neuroscience Workstation

The CleverExplore system is where MCI’s core products overlap to form an integrated electrophysiology and imaging workstation, specifically developed for the neurophysiologist.

Why the CleverExplore System Makes Sense?

When you invest in the new CleverExplore you will benefit from all the innovative aspects of the MCI manipulatormotorised stage and the microscope in a synergistic package. Controlling your experiment through these motorised components means you can keep your experiment vibration-free and control everything more accurately. This enables you to increase your experimental throughput, improve the quality of your data and ultimately gives you the edge. With the CleverExplore system, you will get a completely integrated setup, so you won’t have to be concerned about incompatibilities between different components on your rig.

All devices are controlled via wireless technology implemented in the CleverControl Wireless Control System. This elegant, integrated solution gets rid of cable management headaches and makes the use of the setup an intuitive pleasure. Using a single interface across different devices also saves you time and frustration since you won’t have to get used to different user interfaces on the same setup.

Read more about the MCI manipulators, motorised stage and the microscope which the CleverExplore system comprise of, or click here to learn more about why it makes sense to get a complete CleverExplore system from MCI.

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