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HCT 10 Temperature control

Bipolar Temperature Controller

The Bipolar Temperature Controller (HCT-10) is an accurate and responsive instrument, typically used for controlling the temperature of perfusion solutions in imaging or electrophysiology setups.

It allows you to set a target temperature, (heating or cooling relative to the baseline/room temperature), and to respond to feedback from a temperature sensor positioned inside the recording chamber. It also monitors feedback from a sensor located inside the the heating/cooling block.


Safety Against Overheating

If the feedback sensor is removed from the recording chamber or if the chamber runs dry, the system automatically reverts its feedback tot he sensor in the heating/cooling block, preventing overheating and potential damage, which is often seen with other systems. An alarm sounds when this switch happens.

The system is typically combined with the Heating/Cooling Perfusion Cube and a standard thermistor.


Easy Control

The HCT-10 also offers the option of control via the analog input, allowing you to adjust the temperature via analog voltage input from an external device. An output channel allows you to monitor and record changes in the temperature (as measured by the sensor in the recording chamber) by connecting it to your data acquisition system.

The LCD screen displays the target temperature parameters and sensor readings, as well as the current “speed” setting, which refers to the speed of the output in response to feedback from the sensor.

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