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LED controller

SLC-MA02-U Universal LED Controller by Mightex System

Mightex Systems developed and produced Compact 2- Channel Computer-Controlled Universal LED Controller Drivers are designed to drive a broad range of LED light sources. Each unit comes with a powerful PC-based software with a user-friendly GUI, which enables users to drive LEDs without the need to write any code.

In addition, a full-featured SDK is provided, in order for users to write their own software and to integrate Mightex’s LED controller drivers into their own systems.

Mightex’s LED controller drivers have a built-in protection feature, allowing users to limit LED driving current and voltage. Each channel can be individually configured to work under one of the following two modes: Normal Mode (or DC Mode): The output current is a constant, which can be adjusted (using software) from 0 mA to 1,000 mA, through the USB interface; and Strobe Mode: A Pulse-Width-Modulated (or PWM) periodic strobe pattern is output from the channel, which can be turned on by a software trigger. The strobe pattern may last indefinitely or for a preset number of cycles.

The frequency of the PWM strobe can be up to 500Hz. In addition, each channel can be individually DISABLED and ENABLED. No voltage or current is output from a DISABLED channel.

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