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LED controller

SLC-MA01-U Universal LED Controller by Mightex System

Mightex Systems developed and produced Compact 1-Channel Computer-Controlled Universal LED Drivers that are designed to drive a broad range of LED light sources. Each unit comes with a powerful PC-based software with a user-friendly GUI, which enables users to drive LEDs without the need to write any code.

In addition, a full-featured SDK is provided, in order for users to write their own software and to integrate Mightex’s LED drivers into their own systems. Furthermore, the drivers have a built-in protection feature, allowing users to limit LED driving current and voltage.

The control can be configured to work under one of the following two modes: Normal Mode (or DC Mode): The output current is a constant, which can be adjusted (using software) from 0 mA to 1,000 mA, through the USB interface; and Strobe Mode: A Pulse-Width-Modulated (or PWM) periodic strobe pattern is output from the channel, which can be turned on by a software trigger.

The strobe pattern may last indefinitely or for a preset number of cycles. The frequency of the PWM strobe can be up to 500Hz.

Please contact us for more information or visit the Mightex Systems website.

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