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Biosensor D-Serine diagram

sarissaprobe® D-serine / DSER

Measures D-serine in real time

  • Sensor lengths: 2 mm or 0.5 mm
  • Sensor diameters (μm):  7*, 25 or 50
  • Limit of detection: 100 nM
  • Linear range: 100 nM to 100 μM
  • Sensitive also to D-alanine and other neurtral D-amino acids but not D-aspartate, D-glutamate, or glycine
  • Shelf life (dry storage): 3 months

* 7 μm sensors on carbon fibre electrode

Request a quote for DSER sensors:  please quote the product code (length-diameter) below:

  • SBS-DSER-05-07
  • SBS-DSER-05-25
  • SBS-DSER-05-50
  • SBS-DSER-20-50

D-serine biosensors will react to other neutral D-amino acids such as D-alanine, but not D-aspartate or D-glutamate. It can therefore be used to detect D-serine specifically in cases where D-alanine is not expected to be released (e.g. brain).

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