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Recording and Imaging Chambers

MS chambers can effectively be used to secure tissue preparations and cell cultures. The MS chambers’ openings vary in shape (round & oval) and size to accommodate several cover slips. The chambers further include dual compressible o’rings to secure the cover slips, eliminating the need for adhesives. Therefore, the MS chambers are ideal for most Electrophysiological recording and imaging experiments.

Most MS chambers are made from Dupont DelrinTM, but can also be made from LexonTM on request. Delrin is the more optically friendly option as this is black in colour and opaque to light, making it perfect for imaging purposes.

The bottom securing rings can be made either from stainless steel or DelrinTM. The more durable 316 stainless steel rings are recommended for all temperature control applications. The DelrinTM bottoms on the other hand are excellent when used for imaging.

The MS chambers can include perfusion ports, low walls for enhanced electrode access, and thermal foil for temperature control, depending on your experimental requirements. All replacement o’rings and parts are available to purchase separately.

MS chambers are compatible with Corning 35mm Petri dishes, the MS stage mounting plate, and the Heating and Cooling Microincubation Stage (HCMIS) from ALA Scientific Instruments Ltd.


  • Electrophysiological recording

  • Live cell imaging

  • Patch clamp

  • Oocyte clamp

  • Cell culture

  • Tissue preparations

Please refer to the MS chamber brochure for more information on chamber models and sizes or talk to our friendly applications team now, to discuss your experimental requirements.

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