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polygon400 optogenetics light source

Patterned Illumination for Optogenetics and Photoactivation by Mightex Systems

The Polygon400 Dynamic Spatial Illuminator (DSI), developed and produced by our partner company Mightex Systems, implements Digital Light Processor (DLP) technology from Texas Instruments into an elegant and fairly priced instrument. This technology is the perfect solution for patterned illumination, typically used for
• Photoactivation
• Photostimulation
• Structured Illumination

Polygon grid scan D

Unrivalled Performance

Mightex’s Polygon400’s optical design allows for highly efficient delivery of light in any user-defined illumination pattern, at diffraction-limited resolution.

Temporal performance is a key to many intended applications for Polygon400 by Mightex Systems. With a frame rate of more than 4,000 fps and using fast-switching LEDs as the light source, the Polygon400 can deliver illumination patterns with micro-second precision.

A dedicated software allows users to generate illumination patterns as well as control illumination intensity and timing. The software also supports alignment between illumination patterns and images acquired through any digital cameras on the microscope.

Visit the Mightex Systems website for White Papers on applications of Optogenetics and all-optical imaging to see how the Polygon400 could improve your experiments.

The Polygon400 has also been successfully used in several published studies.


The Polygon400 for Optogenetics and Photoactivation is designed to be easily inserted into the infinity path of a microscope. For inverted microscopes, the preferred inserting point is usually the back port of the microscope where a fluorescence attachment is commonly placed. A filter cube is required to fold the Polygon400 light path into the microscope. The filter cubes used for fluorescence observation serves this purpose well.

For upright microscopes we provide a beam combiner cube to be inserted below the binocular/trinocular unit. The dichroic or mirror in the beam combiner directs the Polygon400 beam into the microscope light path.

The lightsource behind the Polygon can be either:

a) BioLED multi-wavelength LEDs or single

b) Lasers

c) Arc lamps

Fairly Priced

Mightex’s Polygon400 DSI for Optogenetics and Photoactivation is made available to researchers at a superbly attractive price compared to other commercially available systems.

Please contact us to ask us for a quote to see how much sense it makes to add this flexible tool to your laboratory.

Please visit the Mightex Systems website to find more information about the Polygon400.
The Mightex Systems website also provides more information regarding applications of the Polygon400.
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