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picospritzer III

Picospritzer III

Parker’s Picospritzer III is the latest generation in this reputable line of pressure ejection systems, offering the ability to programme rapid, repeatable and reproducible ejections of picoliter or nanoliter volumes.

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The Picospritzer is commonly used to reliably eject femtoliter volumes of RNA into small cells, or nanoliter volumes into oocytes.

The fast valves also enable neuroscientists to eject small volumes of neuroactive compound extracellularly for investigating its effect on individual neurons or neuronal populations in vitro and in vivo.

Easy, Reliable, Repeatable Pressure Ejection

The 19” rack mountable Picospritzer ejection volumes is linearly related to time and pressure settings on the devices. Precise control over ejection volumes can be obtained through:

  • Precision-control rotation knob for controlling the input pressure
  • Timer settings offering three different resolution options, from 3-999 milliseconds with 1 milliseconds resolution, 0.1 to 99.9 seconds with 0.1 second resolution and slower settings, up to 99.9 minutes.
  • Controlling pipette tip diameter

This control is further facilitated by TTL input for triggering ejection pulses, or a remote control footswitch in addition to the trigger button on the front panel of the unit.


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