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Patch Clamp Glass Pipette Electrode Holders – With Suction Port

Your microelectrode or pipette holder is a critical part of your setup, but is often not given the adequate level of consideration when doing troubleshooting or when building your setup. Many problems can be prevented by carefully selecting a well-designed and machined holder. MCI now offer the A-M Systems range of electrode holders, made from the highest quality materials and meeting the strictest design and manufacturing criteria.

We offer a wide range of holders, and custom designs can be offered as well depending on your requirements. Axon-style holders, BNC holders and male/female pin connector holders are available for a range of pipette sizes and with different suction port configurations.

These holders can be manufactured with either a 99.99% pure, 0.010 in. silver wire or with a Ag/AgCl pellet. All holders come with replacement punched seals, and full replacement parts are available.

Axopatch & Axoclamp Versions

Axon Threaded Collar

BNC Holders for Patch Clamp

2 mm Jack (Female)

2 mm Pin (Male)

Model 1800/3000 Compatible Pin (Pre-2013)



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