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Patch Clamp Amplifier
Model 2400 Headstage

Patch Clamp Amplifier Model 2400


Multi-Functional Amplifier

The A-MSystems Model 2400 patch clamp amplifier is the ideal solution for researchers who want to invest in a multi-functional amplifier. This brilliantly priced amplifier is the perfect solution for whole cell patch clamp, single channel recordings, current clamp and extracellular recordings.

Flexible Gain Settings

Each headstage has a switchable dual resistor setting, where two of the following values are built in: 10 MΩ, 50 MΩ, 100 MΩ, 1 GΩ, 5 GΩ, and 10 GΩ. The default headstage shipped with each amplifier is the 100 MΩ/10 GΩ version, but alternative headstages can be specified or added to the setup at a later stage. Once the headstage is connected, the amplifier automatically detects the resistor settings to adjust internal gain settings, without any additional scaling factor inputs required of the user.

Protocol Control

The 2400 Patch Clamp Amplifier offers a set of preprogrammed command potentials. For more complex potentials, an external command input is typically used. In addition to the command potentials, the system features independent offset control, voltage/current tracking circuitry and holding potential selection settings.

Real Time Status/Tracking Meter

The digital meter on the 2400 Amplifier front panel displays accurate values of:

  • command signals and
  • membrane currents or voltages,
  • the true RMS noise of the amplifier and experimental setup,
  • the cut off frequency of the low pass filter, and
  • the overall gain of the amplifier plus probe

Capacity, Whole Cell and Series Resistance Compensation

The built-in series resistance compensation provides the researcher with the option of selecting either or both predictive and corrective compensation from zero to 100%. Fine and coarse controls for lag provide sensitive control to minimize oscillation produced by compensation close to 100%. Separate compensation controls exist for eliminating transients seen during current clamp experiments when the bridge balance is used.

Telegraph Outputs

The analogue BNC output connectors for telegraphing various signals offers you the option of additional monitoring channels, including noise, gain, filter, mode and error signals. These telegraphs allow the 2400 Amplifier’s front panel settings to be automatically recorded by your system software.

Recording Bandwidth Flexibility and Signal Conditioning

For labs who require extra wide bandwidths, the raw bandwidth of the entire amplifier may be adjusted via a rear panel potentiometer. The system has a built-in 6-position 4-pole Low-Pass Bessel Filter for signal conditioning.

Reliability and Affordability

The A-MSystems patch clamp amplifier is a tried-and-tested solution (see references below) for a wide range of electrophysiology applications. The system includes a 3-year warranty period, and this flexibility and reliability is available for less than £3,000 per amplifier, including a headstage.

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