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The Sigma-2 Fibers are an ideal solution for those wanting off-axis light delivery in their optogenetics experiments.

The Sigma-2 Fibers have tips with sub-micron diameters, reducing the risk of tissue disruption of damage. The off-axis light delivery is achieved through optical windows on the surface of the tapered end. It is possible to control the distribution of light from these windows using OptogeniX Launching Systems software. The Sigma-2 Fibers are available with gold coating or aluminium coating.

The table below shows specs for standard Sigma-2 Fibers. It is, however, also possible to customize fibers in terms of number, position size and shape of optical windows. Contact our friendly team for more information.

Fiber numerical aperture (NA) 0.22
Untapered core diameter (µm) 50
Untapered total diameter (µm) 125
Tip-to-first-window-distance d1 (µm) 150
Inter-window distance d2 (µm) 750
Coating material Au


Implant Length (mm)

(other lengths available upon request)

from 0 to 20
Standard Connector ∅1.25mm Ceramic Ferrule

If you are interested in this product, or you have further questions on the best Optogenetics Set Up for your needs, contact our friendly Applications Team. 

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