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Optogenetics Starter Kit

Optogenetics Starter Kit by Mightex System

This turn-key solution, developed and produced by Mightex Systems, is the ideal system for in-vivo activation of Channelrhodopsin and other light-activated opsins. Compared to other options in the market, the Optogenetics Starter Kit offers:

  • the most stability with the rotary joint (<2% variation during rotation).
  • exceptional light intensity at cell level (7.2mW blue light at the end of a 200um fiber).
  • flexibility with LED colours and dimensions of implantable fiber-optic cannula.
  • flexibility with control interface, with options of manual control, software control, analogue and digital inputs and combinations of the above.
  • a cost-effective solution.

The typical setup includes:

  1. A 470nm fiber-coupled LED source (other colour options and combinations available);
  2. A LED controller module;
  3. A fiber-optic rotary joint with SMA connector on one end and ceramic ferrule on the other, or a fiber-optic patch cord with SMA connector on one end and ceramic ferrule on the other;
  4. Two mating sleeve for ferrule or cannula; and
  5. Four implantable fiber optic cannula (two 5mm in length and two 10mm in length).

The BioLED controller offers twice the output intensity during short pulse durations, offering additional power for experiments where opsin expression levels are low.

Get in touch with our Applications Team to discuss your requirements or if you are interested in a demonstration and/or loan of the Optogenetics Starter Kit.

Please visit the Mightex Systems website to find more information about the Optogenetics Starter Kit. 

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