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optical breadboards

Precision Engineered Optical Breadboards

Honeycomb Core Optical Breadboard

The Honeycomb Core Optical Breadboard is a solid, low-weight but rigid platform for equipment mounting. It provides broadband vibration damping without surface deflections with its high-density honeycomb core and high-quality 430 stainless steel top and bottom skins. In addition, the aluminium sealed cups underneath each tapped hole (metric or imperial) ensure easy cleaning. This breadboard is perfect for applications such as electron microscopy, interferometry and scanning tunnel microscopy, to name but a few.

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Why is MCI’s Honeycomb Core Optical Breadboard the ideal solution?

  • MCI’s Honeycomb Core optical breadboards are built to the highest standards and provide excellent damping with minimal deflection under load
  • The breadboard design and production ensure optimised efficiency to provide you with a platform that is solid, stable and flat
  • These breadboards are precision-drilled and tapped on a 25 mm x 25 mm grid, with sealed cups underneath each hole to prevent the loss of tiny components through the holes, and for easy  leaning

MCI’s Honeycomb Core Optical Breadboard design offers you:

  • Thermal stability; a high performance athermalised product through careful bonding processes
  • Stiffness; 5 mm thick top and bottom skins together with the honeycomb core structure ensures stiffness under load
  • Surface flatness; ≤ 0.05 mm/m2
  • Surface roughness; ≤ 0.8 μm
  • Longevity; the highly conductive stainless steel grade 430 top skin is corrosion-resistant
  •  Convenience; top and bottom skins are manufactured from ferromagnetic stainless steel and have metric M6 tapped holes for all your equipment mounting needs. The sealing cups  underneath each hole further ensure easy cleaning


Please remember that we are flexible in terms of dimensions and specifications and that it doesn’t necessarily cost more for customisation to your requirements.

MCI’s standard sizes for the Honeycomb Core Optical Breadboard range:

Load Capacity (max)
600×450 mm
135 kg
600×600 mm
200 kg
900×600 mm
270 kg
750×750 mm
375 kg
1000×800 mm
450 kg
900×900 mm
500 kg
1200×900 mm
360 kg
1500×1000 mm
450 kg
1800×1000 mm
540 kg
2000×1000 mm
600 kg
1200×1200 mm
720 kg
1500×1200 mm
900 kg
1800×1200 mm
560 kg
2000×1200 mm
675 kg
2400×1200 mm
750 kg
3000×1200 mm
900 kg
3500×1200 mm
1125 kg

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