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optical breadboards

Precision Engineered Optical Breadboards

MCI Air Optical breadboards are built to the highest standards (ISO9001 certified), where we have optimised every detail during the production process to offer you a platform that is solid, stable and flat.

The optical breadboards are precision-drilled and tapped, with a high-density honeycomb structure layout for damping and sealed cups underneath each hole for easy cleaning.

Our designs also address other potential concerns with optical breadboards, like

  • Thermal stability – careful bonding processes result in an athermalised design
  • Stiffness under load – thick top and bottom skins (5mm), in addition to plated steel honeycomb structure means minimal deflection under load
  • Convenience – Top and bottom plates are made from ferromagnetic stainless steel
  • Excellent surface flatness – 0.02 to 0.05mm/m2

Please mention your desired dimensions (see dimensions tab) when requesting a quotation about optical breadboard table.

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