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OASIS Macroscope/Microscope for In Vivo Imaging and Illumination by Mightex Systems

The Optical Activation, Stimulation and Imaging System (OASIS), developed and produced by Mightex Systems, is the ideal imaging solution for in vivo imaging experiments, specifically where design flexibility is essential.

Mightex’s OASIS is typically configured as a macroscope, with high NA objective magnification options of 1.9x, 2.35x and 4x, offering a large field of view. The Polygon400 Patterned Illuminator, also by Mightex Systems, is typically integrated for activating optogenetic proteins and for uncaging, and regular widefield illumination can be added as an option.

A manual or motorised XYZ stage and tilting of the optical axis makes it easy to access the required area of interest without having to tilt or move the animal unnecessarily.

Further options on Mightex’s OASIS allow for flexible configurations, including:

  • A microscope instead of macroscope optical path, allowing for integration of Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss and Leica infinity-corrected objectives
  • Dual camera ports
  • Multiple Polygon400’s coupled into the lightpath
  • Patterned illumination/widefield combinations

Please visit the Mightex Systems website to view applications of the OASIS. There are also several publications which used the OASIS to great success.


Below is a schematic illustrating the various sub-system components in OASIS. System level pictures of both the micro & macro versions of OASIS can be found at the bottom of this page.

OASIS Schematic

OASIS Schematic

Oasis Macro

Mightex’s OASIS Macro is designed for low magnification applications that require a large Field of View (FoV). With a wider beam path and infinity corrected optics the macro-imaging system is able to take advantage of low-magnification and high NA macro objectives. The result is higher illumination intensity covering a larger area when comparing to a commercial microscope. Imaging sensitivity is also dramatically improved because of the high NA objective that can collect more fluorescence signal from the specimen.

Please visit the Mightex Systems website to find more information about the OASIS Macroscope – Macroscope for In Vivo Imaging and Illumination. 

Oasis Micro

Mightex’s OASIS Micro features infinity-corrected optics and accepts ‘standard’ microscope objective lenses. This system will provide a FoV and output intensity (from a Polygon or a wide-field illuminator) that are similar to when using a commercial microscope (e.g. Nikon, Leica, Olympus or Zeiss). Therefore, OASIS Micro is recommended for applications that require high resolution similar to that of a typical commercial microscope, but at the same time also calls for excellent reconfigurability/flexibility for live animal investigation.

 Please visit the Mightex Systems website to find more information about the OASIS Microscope – Microscope for In Vivo Imaging and Illumination. 


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