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The CleverStage Motorised Translation Stage

The CleverStage  motorised microscope stage system is the perfect tool for the neuroscientist who wants to have the flexibility of a fine-resolution motorised microscope stage with enough mounting space for manipulators and easy access to the microscope controls.


The Perfect Solution for Electrophysiology

Up to six CleverArm Micromanipulators, (also compatible with some non-MCI manipulators) can be mounted onto the stage surface plate, and the two-pillar design of the sample stage affords the user exceptional stability. It also allows for a lot of space around the critical access-areas of your microscope, so that you can easily adjust all the substage optical components without accidentally bumping into the sample stage.

The motors on these stages are intended for electrophysiology, which means that you won’t struggle with electrical noise-issues at any point, and the ultra-smooth movement will allow you to move your experiment without losing a patch-clamp recording.


Switching between In Vivo and In Vitro

The CleverScope motorised microscope  stage also offers the option of using it either for in vivo or in vitro electrophysiology experiments, and the capacity to switch easily between the two modalities.

This is because the sample stage can easily be exchanged for one of our other purpose-designed platforms, and the height of the sample stage can be adjusted within seconds.


Ergonomic CleverControl Interface

The CleverControl user interface offers wireless technology to get rid of the excessive cabling on most setups.

It also features ergonomic control wheels for easy and accurate control, and the intuitive programming functions to customize the stage movement and allowing for additional functionality.


Compatibility of Motorised Microscope Stage

The CleverStage is compatible with the MCI CleverScope microscope and most other mainstream upright microscopes. We’re also happy to provide you with custom sample stage and stage plate designs. Talk to us for more details or if you have a special requirement for your next motorised microscope stage.

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