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isolated high-power stimulator model

Model 4100 Isolated High-Power Stimulator

If you require maximum performance at a reasonable price with added convenience and flexibility in a powerful stimulator, look no further. The Isolated High-Power Stimulator from A-M systems takes the lead in this field.


It is not only powerful, providing ±200V pulses at 100mA, but also flexible, offering an array of options for the researcher. This includes monophasic and biphasic pulses (symmetric and/or asymmetric), ramped, triangle and trapezoidal waveforms, as well as traditional protocols like stepped pulses and paired pulses, plus LTP and LTD stimulation. It can further provide complex stimulus trains as a combination of any of the aforementioned programmable pulse protocols. Up to 20 events can be defined in the Model 4100 stimulator’s library. Additionally, the Isolated High-Power Stimulator is capable of pulse durations of between 1μs and 25hours.



Examples of waveform protocols compatible with the Model 4100


Ease of use

 The Isolated High-Power Stimulator can be free run, controlled manually or through external triggering. This stimulator has a user-friendly front panel control interface and is compatible with a variety of multi-platform software for control over the stimulator functions. The control panel clearly displays errors and status messages with lights.

There is no need for battery replacement as this stimulator is line-powered. And no extra accessories, like a stimulus isolation unit (SIU), are required. The external signals of the Model 4100 stimulator can isolate, scale and convert signals into constant stimulation currents.



 Field stimulation

Nerve conduction

Evoked potentials


Kindling/seizure models

Classical conditioning

Long term potentiation (LTP)

Long term depression (LTD)


Ordering Options:

Model 4100 Isolated high-power stimulator, 110V / 60Hz

Model 4100 Isolated high-power stimulator, 220V / 50Hz


All models include rack mountable hardware

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