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multistim 8-channel stimulator model 3800 by am systems

Model 3800 MultiStim 8-Channel Stimulator

The MultiStim 8-Channel Stimulator is a programmable stimulus generator with 8 completely independent channels. The individual channels ensure flexibility by creating 8 different trains of pulses. These pulses can be either monophasic or biphasic, but can further be programmed as traditional protocols of stepped and/or paired pulses. In addition, each channel can receive signals from other channels summed together, thereby generating even more complex waveforms. A channel can also be programmed to trigger any other channel in order to combine timing ranges of each channel.


The Model 3800 stimulator has an excellent timing accuracy of < 0.02%, ensuring accurate stimulus generation and recording. Each of the MultiStim channels can have minimum pulse durations of 1μs (monophasic) or 2μs (biphasic), over 15 minute intervals. The pulse duration can increase up to 1ms over a 250 hour interval.

The voltage output of the MultiStim 8-channel stimulator is normally ±10V with 1mV resolution, ±20mA. However, with the use of the optional accessory, namely the Model 3820 Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU), this output can be increased to ±100V with selectable AC coupling and 500kHz bandwidth. When the MultiStim 8-Channel Stimulator is combined with the SIU, voltage pulses can be scaled and converted to constant currents of up to 20mA on each of the SIU channels.

Triggering and Gating

The MultiStim pulses or train signals can be triggered through 8 channel-specific TTL BNC connectors, but also through 3 non-specific connectors that can link any combination of channels. Furthermore, inter-channel triggering and gating is also possible. Additionally, channels can be gated via external or internal commands, plus 3 gate TTL BNC connectors, which can also be linked to any channel.

User-Friendly Control and Memory

 The Model 3800 stimulator has a front panel touch screen for easy control. The stimulator can also be controlled with computer software, and MATLAB® as well as LabVIEWTM drivers and applications are further available. All programmed pulses and trains entered can be stored either on-board the stimulator’s memory or online, making it easy for recall of these set pulses and trains for different users.


 Long term potentiation (LTP)

Long term depression (LTD)

Patch clamping

Classical conditioning

Evoked potentials

Master timing apparatus to trigger other instruments

Ordering Options:

Model 3800 MultiStim 8-channel stimulator, 110V / 60Hz

Model 3800 MultiStim 8-channel stimulator, 220V / 50Hz

Model 3820 Stimulus isolation unit for the MultiStim 8-channel stimulator


All models include rack mountable hardware


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