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Isolated pulse simulator model 2100 by am systems

Model 2100 Isolated Pulse Stimulator

The Model 2100 Isolated pulse Stimulator from A-M systems can accommodate a variety of physiological stimulus requirements with great accuracy. This stimulator can be free-run, triggered manually or externally by computer software or other instruments. Outputs can be triggered for individual pulses, biphasic pairs or train bursts. The monophasic output current runs at up to ±10mA or at an output voltage of up to ±100V.


With the Isolated Pulse Stimulator, complete control over all aspects of pulse generation is possible. This can be achieved through the four timing functions; pre-train delay time, train burst width, pulse duration, and the inter-pulse period. If any of these settings overlap, the timing overlap indicator will be activated.



The Isolated Pulse Stimulator has straightforward controls with a variety of settings that can be programmed according to preference. The various input options can easily and rapidly be set with leverwheel switches. This stimulator further contains status indicator lights for functions such as operational states (trigger received and event received) and errors (timing overlap).

With the Model 2100, no battery is required as it includes an isolation transformer power supply. Additionally, it has built-in optical isolation and short-circuit protected output.


 Long term potentiation (LTP)

Classical conditioning

Nerve conduction

Evoked potentials

Kindling and seizure models



Ordering Options:

Model 2100 Isolated pulse stimulator, 110V / 60Hz

Model 2100 Isolated pulse stimulator, 220V / 50Hz

Optional AC Filter


All models include rack mountable hardware


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