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differential AC amplifier model 1700 by AM systems

Model 1700 Differential AC Amplifier

The Model 1700 Differential AC Amplifier from A-M systems was designed for use in extracellular electrophysiology recordings of excitable tissues with the use of low-impedance electrodes.  This cost-effective amplifier contains four independent amplifiers, which enables multiple channels to be recorded simultaneously. Each of the amplifiers consist of a high-gain, low-noise differential stage with high-frequency, low-frequency, and notch filters. Additionally, the Model 1700 includes a port for a stimulator, so that simultaneous recording and stimulating with a single electrode is possible. This enables faster recording and stimulation as there is no need to disconnect electrode inputs. This amplifier can further produce EMG, EEG, EKG and ERG recordings.


Amplifier Functionality

Low noise – 1.0 µV peak to peak

Gain selections of x100 (0.11 VAC), x1,000 (0.011 VAC), and x10,000 (0.0011 VAC)

Adjustable high pass and low pass frequency filters

High common-mode rejection of > 70 dB at 60 Hz

High input impedance – 100,000 MΩ

Low input bias current

Notch filter for 50/60Hz interference, rejection >35dB

Driven cable shield for less capacitance

Slew rate of 2V/ µS


*It is possible to modify the gain and/or filter frequencies


Optional Headstage Compatibility

The Model 1700 amplifier can be modified to fit a headstage probe on the front end of one, two, three or all the channels, at a minimal charge. This will then override the stimulating function of the specific channel, preventing the passing of current to the site through the electrode. Such a modified version will have the same overall gain. Should you be interested in acquiring a modified Model 1700 Differential Amplifier, please contact MCI for a quote. 

Electrode compatibility:

Suction, Nerve cuff, Hook, Surface, Simple metal electrodes


Multiple-unit Recordings Evoked Potentials

EMG, EKG, EEG, ERG Recordings

Long term potentiation (LTP)


Ordering Options:

Model 1700 Isolated pulse stimulator, 110V / 60Hz

Model 1700 Isolated pulse stimulator, 220V / 50Hz


All models include rack mountable hardware, four 1m long input cables (can be upgraded to 4m each)

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