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Faraday Cage

The Cost-Effective Faraday Cage Option for electrophysiology

Faraday Cage

MCI is proud to offer you a superior quality Faraday cage customised to your dimensional requirements at an affordable price.

Faraday Cage

Why choose MCI’s Faraday cage?
  • MCI’s Faraday cages are made from high-quality corrosion-resistant copper wire mesh and sturdy aluminium frames to ensure optimal elimination of electrostatic and electromagnetic interferences
  • Our design does not include any wooden parts and therefore eliminates temperature and moisture effects as well
  • MCI’s Faraday cages include two hinged doors on the front panel for your convenience and can be used effectively with the doors open or closed
  • MCI’s Faraday cages can be frame mounted on most optical table models without interference with the vibration isolation
  • We offer three Faraday cage models and customisation to your dimensional requirements, to meet your every need
MCI offers three standard Faraday cage models:
  • 5-panel Faraday cage; compatible with most optical table models, recommended when equipment needs to be mounted on a breadboard
  • 6-panel Faraday cage; compatible with any bench top and/or optical table, recommended when no mounting of equipment is necessary
  • Faraday cage with its own stand, can be used with any bench top or optical table, has its own stand with/without castors for your convenience
Please contact us with the model and dimensions of your optical table and we will manufacture a compatible Faraday cage.
Remember that we are flexible in terms of dimensions and specifications and we won’t necessarily charge more for customisation to your requirements.


Faraday Model
< 1200x1000mm
Standard size cage
> 1200x1000mm
Large size cage
< 1200x1000mm
6-panel cage
> 1200x1000mm
Large 6-panel cage
< 1200x1000mm
Cage fitted on stand
> 1200x1000mm
Large cage fitted on stand

*The standard height of all Faraday cages is 860mm – please specify if customisation is required

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