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Through Eyetube Epifluorescence Microscope System by Mightex System

Adding epifluorescence illumination to microscopes is usually an expensive upgrade.

The Cost-Effective Alternative

Mightex’s Through-Eyetube (TET) EPI illumination or Epiflourescence Microscope system, developed and produced by Mightex Systems, offers an attractive, cost-effective alternative when you absolutely need the upgrade, but it wasn’t in the original equipment budget.

The complete epiflourescence microscope system developed by Mightex can be fitted for an amount that’s less than what many microscope manufacturers charge for the filter set and cube!

It can be retrofitted onto most microscopes, even on older models where the original components are not available any more, or for less sophisticated microscope models which never had the relevant components designed.

Operational Principle – Epiflourescence Microscope

A TET-EPI illuminator sends light through one of the eyepiece sleeves of a typical binocular/trinocular head. Light passes through microscope objective and illuminates the sample under observation, same as in a conventional EPI illumination setup.

Mightex’s TET-EPI illuminator fits into an eyepiece sleeve just like a regular eyepiece. The image can be observed through the other eyepiece or the phototube.

Alternatively, the TET-EPI illuminator can be inserted into the phototube to upgrade your microscope into a cost-effective epiflourescence microscope. In this configuration, images may be observed through both eyepieces if the microscope is equipped with a beamsplitter between the phototube and the eyetubes.

An emission filter is placed in front of the detector. If the fluorescent image is detected through the eyepiece, the filter is positioned in the slot typically designed for reticles. If a camera is used, the filter is placed just in front of the detector or somewhere else in the emission path.

Please visit the Mightex Systems website to find more information about the Through-Eyetube (TET) Epifluorescence Microscope. 

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