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LED Array System
LED Array System


This system is ideal for those wishing to perform optogenetics stimulation in vitro, useable for both cell and tissue cultures. It is an LED Array compatible with incubators, capable of long-term and time-controlled light stimulation of a culture.

This system comes complete with:

  • The LED Array (LEDA-x)
  • The LED Array Driver (LAD-1)
  • Trigger input

The trigger input allows one to input the mode of stimulation that they desire: either constant or trigger mode. In trigger mode, one can enable time-controlled pulsed stimulation, whereas in constant mode, stimulation is constant until the trigger is switched off.

It is also possible to stimulate in vitro with more than one colour using the Two Colour LED Array (LEDA2-BY). This array emits 470nm (Blue) and 590nm (Yellow) light from the same LED. Please note that this system requires two LED Array Drivers to use it.

*the “x” in the code refers to the colour. The LED Array is available in: Blue 470nm (B), Green 530nm (G), Yellow 590nm (Y) and Red 630nm (R).