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In Vivo CleverScope
invivo cleverscope

In Vivo CleverScope

The CleverScope offers the option of removing the substage optics and motors, allowing you to reduce the microscope to a reflected light microscopy system. This option is popular amongst neuroscientists who work on samples where transmitted light is not an option, e.g. In Vivo experiments on larger animals.

Why an In Vivo CleverScope would be the ideal option for your lab

  • More space – Removing the substage optics adds more space for in vivo experiments, allowing easy access for stereotaxic frames and other bulky configurations. The CleverStage offers complimentary design features which is often the ideal complement to an in vivo setup where clever ergonomics and stability is essential.
  • More cost-effective – reducing the microscope to the pillar with motorised arm for only the objective (compared to the complete setup with substage optics, motorised arm for condenser and objective) saves on the total cost of the system, without reducing the stability and precision of the objective focus
  • Upgrade option – You can add the condenser-focus arm and substage optics at a later stage, when your experimental requirements change or when your budget allows. Switching between the In Vivo and regular configurations takes only minutes, which adds another level of flexibility and versatility to the setup.

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