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Model 2400 Headstage

Headstages for the A-MSystems Model 2400 Patch Clamp Amplifier

The Model 2400 Patch Clamp Amplifier requires a headstage probe or preamplifier to function properly. A range of headstages are available to meet a wide range of gain requirements. All headstages are both a current to voltage converter and a voltage follower. The current to voltage converter used in voltage clamping has one of two high value resistors used for amplifying membrane currents. Below is a table of the different probes you can purchase for the Model 2400 Amplifier, Inc. and their feedback

Catalog Number Probe Low Gain
Resistor Value (Ωs)
Maximum Current Probe High Gain
Resistor Value (Ωs)
Maximum Current
880210 10M 1000nA 1G 10nA
880218 10M 1000nA 10G 1nA
880222* 100M 100nA 10G 1nA

* The most commonly ordered headstage is the #880222 10G/100M headstage.


The headstage has three connections, the input BNC, a ground jack, and a guard jack.

The input BNC will hold any BNC style electrode holder, and is where any input signal should be connected. The center conductor is connected through a current limiting resistor to a field effect transistor amplifier. Other than the current limiting resistor there is no other protection to the probe so care must be taken to avoid electrostatic discharges. The outer conductor of the BNC is connected to a guard circuit. The guard is a buffered version of the input voltage, so care must be taken not to ground the outer conductor of the BNC.

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