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Hamamatsu Flash4.0 V2 sCMOS Camera

The Ultimate Tool for Neuronal Imaging

The Hamamatsu Flash 4.0V2 is the perfect imaging device for demanding neuroscience applications. From fast functional imaging to high resolution structural work at low light levels, the Flash 4.0V2 is the ultimate all round tool.

Speed and data handling

Acquire up to 40 minutes of high resolution, full frame images at 100 fps* – with ultimate flexibility in selecting a region of interest and manipulating frame rate, allowing for even faster frame rates or slower acquisition for ultra-low noise acquisition. This means that the majority of low-light level applications, in the past reserved only for EMCCD cameras, can now be handled by the Flash 4.0V2. The fast acquisition allows for detection of very fast functional events typically associated with neurons

Readout speed

Readout Speed Table - Hamamatsu Flash4.0 V2 sCMOS Camera


Accurate Trigger In and Trigger Out functionality is built in, allowing the Flash 4.0 to be the master or the slave in the control circuit. This level of integration can be very important for integration with hardware like electrophysiology data acquisition devices and light sources.

Low Noise and High Sensitivity

The Flash 4.0V2 was built for low noise image acquisition, with the lowest read noise at 100fps of any CCD or sCMOS camera.

Low Noise, High Sensitivity - Hamamatsu Flash4.0 V2 sCMOS Camera

The low-noise characteristic combined with high quantum efficiency (more than 70% at 600nm) means that the Flash 4.0 is the more suitable instrument for detecting the majority of low-light signals compared against most EMCCD cameras. EMCCDs only offer a better SNR once at extremely photon-poor conditions, where levels are lower than 4 photons per pixel.

Wide field

With a field of view that is 2.5x larger than a standard 2/3” chip size camera, you can detect across a much wider field, which is ideal for studying neuronal network activity. It also makes finding a patch pipette easier than what is the case with the smaller chip size.


The 6.5um x 6.5um pixel size means you can easily resolve the finest structures, and even zoom into smaller regions of interest without the severe pixilation typically seen with 16um2 EMCCD cameras.

Resolution - Hamamatsu Flash4.0 V2 sCMOS Camera

Value for Money

Despite all these exceptional specifications, the Flash 4.0V2 is available at a price level significantly lower than most EMCCDs, and competes against some high-end CCD cameras in terms of price.
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