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Fluorescence stereomicroscopy

Fluorescence Stereomicroscopy by Mightex System

Flourescence systems for stereomicroscopy have become a mainstream tool for many neuroscience laboratories, commonly used for behavioural observations of living organisms, screening of samples, as well as sorting and sample dissection.

Universal and Affordable Fluorescence Stereomicroscopy  Solution

Despite the growing need, most stereoscopes are not equipped with fluorescence capabilities. Only high-end research stereoscopes have fluorescence excitation and imaging options. These options are also fairly expensive, preventing many labs from adding it onto multiple setups. Mightex Systems developed and produced FluoFlux TM, an LED-based fluorescence stereomicroscopy system that can be retrofit onto most stereo microscopes at a fraction of the cost for the typical system.

Principles of Operation – Fluorescence Stereomicroscopy

The illuminator features a high-power single-color LED as the excitation light source. Various center wavelengths from UV to NIR are available. A standard 25mm-diameter excitation filter can be inserted into the illuminator to filter out unwanted spectrum. Mightex’s FluoFlux illuminators come with a stand which can be placed on the sample platform of the microscope. Mounted on the base stand, FluoFlux illuminates samples at 45 degrees. Working distance can be adjusted by ±10mm. For more positioning freedom, Mightex’s FluoFlux illuminators may be mounted on a gooseneck or other fixtures. In order to observe fluorescence images, the excitation spectrum must be filtered out from the imaging path. In Mightex’s solution, this is done by an appropriate emission filter mounted on the lens barrel of the microscope objective. Mightex provides filter holders with various inner diameters to fit your lens barrel. These filter holders will hold 36mm-diameter emission filters available from filter suppliers.

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