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EasyBudget Manual Translation Microscope Stage and Bridge Platform
manual microscope stage

EasyMount Manual Microscope Stage and Fixed Bridge Platform for Upright Microscopes

When buying a new electrophysiology setup, there are some absolute specifications which are not negotiable. This depends on your planned experiment, but it often means you have to focus part of your budget on the most sophisticated technology, whilst opting for something less sophisticated in less critical areas. Whilst a microscope stage is certainly critical, choosing a manual stage rather than a more expensive motorised one can be a great way to maintain quality and reduce budget spend.

The EasyMount Manual Translation Microscope Stage and Bridge Platform is a great alternative to our CleverStage Motorised Microscope Stage. It offers a stable setup and superb build quality at a great price, allowing you to save money without cutting corners.

Solid Patch Clamp Platform at a Great Price

  • The EasyMount manual microscope stage package is very affordable.
  • Stability – We use top-of-the-range bearings on this manual stage and high quality engineering all round. The metal ground plate also improves the stability of the complete system.
  • Manual Micrometers – the fine-control manual translation stages offers smooth translation across the 12.5mm range.
  • MCI’s 2-year warranty –  displaying our confidence in the built quality.

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