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Easy Arm Manual Micromanipulator close up side view
Easy Arm Manual Micromanipulator2 Easy Arm Manual MicromanipulatorsEasy Arm Manual Micromanipulator close up side viewEasy Arm Manual Micromanipulator side viewEasy Arm Manual Micromanipulator

The EasyArm Manual Manipulator

The EasyArm manual manipulator is part of the EasyBudget range, designed with cost saving at its core without compromising on Micro Control Instruments’ commitment to quality.


Versatile Manual Manipulator

The EasyArm is the ideal solution for researchers who require a flexible and intuitive manual manipulator for positioning of biosensors and stimulating electrodes, extracellular and oocyte electrophysiology and other positioning applications where the demands don’t justify investment in a motorised micromanipulator.


Four Axes with Easy Mounting Options

The manipulator has 4 smooth stages, assembled as X, Y, Z and diagonal in a simple and stable configuration. It also includes a sliding bracket for quickly sliding the probe clamp towards and away from the sample. The bracket offers an additional rotational axis for easy probe exchange.


Mounting is easily done by bolting it onto mounts and platforms with metric hole patterns, with a magnetic base as an option.


Get in touch with our friendly applications team to discuss your application in greater detail, or request a quote for the EasyArm manipulator here.


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