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Multi-channel Microscopy at Sub-micron Resolution

In Vivo imaging can help unlock the secrets of the brain and its connection with the body. To understand the connections and communication between the brain and other organs we have developed the DiveScope, the smallest Epi-fluorescence microscope on the market.

Multi-channel Microscopy

Image multiple areas simultaneously and in real time.

In Vivo imaging in the Liver
Dendrites in the cortex

The DiveScope can be used for in vivo and in vitro imaging applications. Its small size, versatility and ease of use make it the perfect tool for the life scientist or medic.

You can use a combination of the scopes in parallel simultaneously and in real-time to deepen your understanding and advance your research of physiological systems.

Superior Resolution

Sub-cellular imaging with sub-micron resolution in vivo

Dendrites in the hippocampus
Uterus in vivo

Our patented mini lens technology enables you to explore at sub-micron resolution.

Track tiny changes in cell morphology or the migration of your fluorescently tagged protein of interest in vivo or in vitro.

There are three different types of DiveScope offering different-sized fields of view, but all achieve sub-micron resolution. Download the brochure to find out more about the different types.

Minimally Invasive

Small diameter, robust and implantable body.

Vocal cords
In vivo imaging of the pancreas

Originally developed to enable deep tissue imaging of neuronal activity in the brain in vivo at sub-cellular resolution, the scope has a small cylindrical profile with a diameter of between 2 and 3 mm, depending on which system you opt for.

Discover more about the specs of each DiveScope by downloading the brochure.

Complete Imaging System

Control the scope, acquire images and analyze your data.

DiveScope setup
Data acquisition and analysis software

Just plug in and play, the DiveScope comes research ready. With multiple fluorescent channels and TTL inputs, you can incorporate the system into a wider experimental setup or use it on its own.

The software and hardware controllers are synced to enable easy control of multiple DiveScopes and light sources from the single user interface.

Powerful acquisition and analysis capabilities complete the system, enabling intuitive real-time interpretation of the imaging data combined with a raft of offline analysis features.