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stereotaxic frame with remote

The Digital Stereotactic Frame and Equipment

For the in vivo neuroscientist, accurate surgery, precise positioning of electrodes and stable experiments often rely on precision manufactured stereotactic frame or equipment. Having a wide range of components to suit a wide range of experimental requirements is essential, but getting access to this at a price that’s reasonable is hard to find. That is until now – we exceed the quality and value for money expectations of physiology labs with our wide range of stereotactic equipment.

The Digital Stereotactic Frame features all the characteristics of the Standard Stereotactic Instruments, but it makes the reading of coordinates easier through a compact LCD display screen, which shows the coordinates as detected by the sealed electronic sensor which is included as part of this system. The easy-to-read digital display offers 10 micron resolution in all three axes. With battery instead of AC power, this instrument does not generate electronic noise, which makes it applicable for the electrophysiology experiment and keeps the workbench tidy and wireless

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Digital Stereotactic Frame Specifications

  • Zeroing function for targeting specific coordinates
  • Long battery life-time, no electrical noise
  • Adaptors available for use with rat, mouse, bird, cat, monkey, rabbit, gecko, guinea pig and other species
  • 80 mm of vertical, lateral and anterior-posterior travel
  • 180° rotation and lock at any angles vertical
  • 360° rotation and lock at any angles level
  • Syringe pump, microcamera and drill can be attached to the Stereotactic Instruments directly
  • Dual-lead screws allow for more stable and accurate movement
  • Due to the advanced surface processing techniques during manufacturing, base and frame are easy to clean
  • Available for various animals with the extended base plate 400mm x 255mm
  • Vertical lock and fixing knob are separated to ensure accurate positioning at any angle
  • The precision designed rotary knob and the U-frame allow for sufficient space for the anterior-posterior operation
  • Laser engraved scales and darken rod make numerals easy to read
  • Curve design of nose clamp fixes the head of the animals more tightly
  • Plate pressing rather than clamping in locking the Ear bar

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