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Compresstome® Vibratomes

Precisionary Instruments

MCI now offers you the easy to use high quality Compresstome® vibratomes with Auto Zero-Z® technology. The Compresstome® vibratomes provide you with  superior tissue and cell slices for your research, giving you more healthy, intact and preserved tissue, and all this at a rapid speed. It further improves repeatability with its automated functions and allows for better imaging and more stable patch-clamp recordings through healthier and smoother slices. Overall, the Compresstome® vibratomes can cut five times faster, double the healthy-to-dead cell ratio and improve your research success rates.


Reasons to invest in a Compresstome® Vibratome:

  • Slices tissue 5 times faster

Slices can be provided up to five times faster with the Compresstome® vibratomes, saving you time and resulting in healthier slices as the blade is only in contact with the cells for a short time

  • Provides larger healthier tissue slices for longer

The Compresstome® vibratomes provide larger and superior slices with an increased number of healthy cells and high-quality surfaces through preserving the upper surface layer of cells. Compresstome® vibratomes double the healthy-to-dead cell ratio and slices can survive 36 to 48hours in ACSF, compared to the 6 to 12hours for slices cut with other vibratomes.

  • Cuts tissues precisely

Automated features allow for precise cutting with even slice thickness every time. Slice thickness ranges from 4µm to 2000µm

  • Causes no chatter marks or tissue shearing

Sections are smooth and even without chatter marks or vibration artifacts. Even those fibrous and difficult tissues are cut without cell shearing.

  • Compatible with fresh and fixed specimens

Both fresh and fixed tissues can be completely stabilised with an advanced agarose-embedding technique to yield consistent thickness in slices. Please refer to the table below for the models used for fixed and/or fresh tissues

  • No need for freezing

The Compresstome® slicers can cut tissues without needing to freeze them first, plus the tissues will be crack free and well preserved

  • Offers superior Auto Zero-Z® technology

Any deviations in the z-axis during the cutting process is eliminated and there is no need for optical alignment calibration before each experiment, providing smooth and healthy cells with every cut


Applications Cells
Electrophysiology Brain Spleen
Precision-cut lung slices Heart Muscle
Immunohistochemistry Lung Reproductive
Organotypic cultures Liver Adipose
  Thymus Tumor
Lymph node

Please see the brochures in the information in the table below, which the different Compresstome® models we have on offer. Alternatively, contact us  and one of our friendly team members will get right back to you.


Comparison of Compresstome® Slicer Models:

Model Mode Thickness Control Thickness Resolution Maximum Diameter Specimen Type Applications
Semi-automatic Manual 10-500 µm 10µm 6.5, 12.5 & 15.5mm Fresh & Fixed Electrophysiology & imaging


Fully automatic Digital/Automatic 4-500µm 1µm 6.5, 12.5 & 15.5mm Fresh & Fixed Electrophysiology & imaging


Fully automatic Digital/Automatic 10-500 µm 1µm 22.0mm Fixed Rat, mouse & guinea pig brains


Fully automatic Digital/Automatic 40-500µm 2µm 95.0mm Fixed Cat, dog, pig & monkey brains


Fully automatic Digital/Automatic 40-500µm 2µm 170.0mm Fixed Human & large animal brains


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