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Compact Mouse Stereotaxic Frame

Compact Mouse Stereotaxic Frame

For the in vivo neuroscientist, accurate surgery, precise positioning of electrodes and stable experiments often rely on precision manufactured stereotaxic equipment. Having a wide range of components to suit a wide range of experimental requirements is essential, but getting access to this at a price that’s reasonable is hard to find. That is until now – we exceed the quality and value for money expectations of physiology labs with our wide range of stereotaxic frame or equipment.

The Compact Mouse Stereotaxic Frame has a compact adapter block design to replace the traditional U-frame assembly. This instrument provides easy access to the animal and offers an open working area for additional surgical instruments.

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Specifications – Compact Mouse Stereotaxic Frame

  • Base plate dimensions – 255mm x 255mm
  • Polyoxymethylene resin ear bars
  • Ear bar and palate clip height adjustment range from 0-20mm
  • Laser engraved scale display on ear bars
  • Dual manipulator option available
  • Digital LED display optional

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