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CleverScope Nosepiece Focusing Motorised Microscope

Basic imaging methods in transmitted light mode like DIC, oblique and Dodt contrast as well as widefield epifluorescence techniques are still the most relied upon microscopy functions for the neuroscientist. But an increasing number of top laboratories are interested in more flexibility and open-ended possibilities in terms of adding more imaging modalities to a microscope. The CleverScope motorised microscope was designed as the choice instrument at the centre of these requirements – it will do the basics exceptionally well, but it also fulfills the role of the basic modular building block for more sophisticated imaging requirements.


Modular Design – Motorised Microscope

The modular design of the CleverScope motorised microscope allows for ultimate flexibility when making decisions about your experimental setup. Some of the modular features include:

  • Stepper motors – the stepper motors can be exchanged in the lab. This means that you won’t have to send your complete microscope to us in case you were ever to have problems with faulty stepper motors
  • Substage optics – the substage optics can be completely removed, which is especially useful when you only need a microscope for reflected light experiments (e.g. in vivo setups)
  • Modular Olympus components – all brackets and fittings are compatible with Olympus BX51WI optics. This offers you a wide range of reputable components to choose from
  • Customization – we are always interested in discussing and potentially implementing customised designs and integrations with the CleverScope


Design Standard – Optics and Mechanics

The optical design of the CleverScope is exceptional, which adds to your peace of mind when investing in this microscope. We offer our standard 3-year warranty on the CleverScope optics, the stepper motors that form part of the frame and the control interface.


Integration – the CleverExplore Neuroscience Workstation

It integrates perfectly with MCI’s  CleverArm micromanipulators and the CleverStage motorised translation stage to the ultimate workstation for the electrophysiologist, called the CleverExplore Neuroscience Workstation.

Get in touch to discuss how the CleverScope motorised microscope  will benefit research in your lab.

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