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CleverMount motorised microscope Stage with Z-module
CleverMount motorised microscope Stage with Z-moduleZ-focus Module CleverMount motorised microscope stage

The CleverMount Motorised XY Stage with Optional Motorised Z-focus 

In order to have more precision during and control over your electrophysiology and imaging experiment, the CleverMount Motorised XY Stage with optional Z-focus module is the ideal complement to your existing microscope. 

The CleverMount comprises of a microscope interface plate to suit the footprint and fixing hole pattern on most mainstream microscopes used for physiology. The interface plate, which is mounted on the XY stage mechanics, also has a hole pattern to bolt down the motorised Z-focus module. This module links up with the manual microscope’s Z-focus adjuster using a drive-band to complete the conversion to a motorised XYZ microscope.  

Stability with Smooth Movement 

The super-smooth movement of the CleverMount Motorised XY Stage is due to the built-in precision stepper motors, the smooth drive-electronics and long tracks of cross-roller bearings. Since the bearings cover a maximum surface area in any position of the stage, the whole range of movement in X and Y is equally smooth, unlike the variability sometimes seen with other stages.

Versatile Control Options

The drive electronics for the CleverMount is mounted on the stage and controlled with the CleverControl Cuboid. The CleverControl has several user-friendly functions built in, including:

  • Control wheels and step buttons – including both these options in the interface makes navigation across small and large distances easy  
  • Variable speed settings, from crude control to navigate over large distances to making very fine movements during patch clamp experiments
  • Memory positions, allowing you to program and recall areas of interest 
  • Step function, using the step buttons, which allows the user to make predefined steps, used for scanning across a sample, or for acquiring z-stacks

You can also use the CleverControl Software with the supplied USB plug-in Wi-Fi antenna to control your stage from your PC. This allows for even more flexibility than using the cuboid. Integration with third party software and custom software built in the lab can also be done using the MCI SDK.

Configuration Options

The CleverMount Motorised XY Microscopy Stage is often used in combination with our EasyAdjust Pillar Mounts for holding the sample and manipulators. The EasyAdjust Pillar Mounts are directly fixed onto the optical table breadboard, allowing for the microscope to move independently from the manipulators and sample. We also supply a package, called the CleverCombine, where the CleverMount is economically packaged together with CleverArm manipulators and EasyAdjust pillars. Also see the CleverStage if you need the manipulator stage and sample to move together, with the microscope fixed to the optical table. If you have an existing XY stage, but you prefer to add only motorised Z-focus to your nosepiece-focusing microscope, we can integrate the Z-module by itself in most instances.

Request more information about the CleverMount here, or contact our friendly applications team to discuss the most suitable solution for your setup.

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