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The CleverControl Wireless Control User Interface

The CleverControl user interface is the product of our intensive focus on the way the user interacts with all devices integrated into the CleverExplore system. We like to make the control of our devices as intuitive, convenient and flexible as possible.

The CleverControl concept consists of the CleverControl Cuboid interface with control wheels and colour display screen and the CleverControl software for your PC.


Why Move Towards Wireless Technology?

The trend is for physiology hardware configurations to become more complex with more devices around the sample, which means space becomes more of a consideration. With more devices on your rig, you are bound to have even more cables to control the devices. This means more cable management and more hassle with trying to ground cables that can act as antennas for amplifying electrical noise during electrical recordings.

We reversed this trend by enabling both the Cuboid and the PC Software to control linked devices via wireless signal. The wireless signal on the Cuboid is transmitted via a wireless antenna, and the PC software module also includes an antenna plugged in via your computer’s USB slot.

All the electronics for driving device motors and performing commands are accommodated on-board the instrument on the rig. The electrical signal frequency is outside of the boundaries where physiologically interesting activity is present, so there is no concern in terms of electrical noise.

The devices on the rig only have one long power cable each, for connection with the power supply, and short, flexible cables between the on board control-circuitry and the motor. This makes issues with cable and noise management less likely.


CleverControl Cuboid 

Ergonomy and flexibility are key here – control wheels for moving device motors are positioned at ergonomic angles, and the buttons are easy to access.

The button-functionality change depending on the functions displayed on the screen, which gives the user an eight-button user interface, but effectively unlimited functionality from these buttons.

The colour display screen shows device coordinates, offers additional device functionality and enables the user to customize device properties. This customization can be linked to user or experiment requirements and saved under different user identities. Click here for more information about the Cuboid

The cuboid offers a simple way of switching from a left- to a right-handed configuration, which can be done within seconds.

CleverControl PC Software

The CleverControl PC software offers the same functionality as the Cuboid software, and more. We have more freedom with space, the positioning and amount of control buttons on the GUI, and also to provide regular updates. Click here for more information about the CleverControl PC Software and CleverControl Cuboid.

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