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ALA VC3 Gravity-Fed Multichannel Perfusion System
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ALA VC3 Gravity-Fed Multichannel Perfusion System

Robust and Precise Perfusion System

The ALA Scientific VC3 gravity-fed perfusion system includes standard 60ml syringe reservoirs (other volumes available on request) mounted on a post for multichannel perfusion of your recording chamber or focal perfusion of a smaller area of interest.

Individual channels are opened or closed by robust pinch valves for bath perfusion or where fast focal perfusion is not necessary. For fast focal perfusion where low millisecond switching speeds are required, the fast solenoid valve option is recommended. For ultimate control over perfusion speed, the solenoid valve bank with pressurised reservoirs would be the best solution.

The output tubes of the perfusion lines are connected to either a minimanifold (for bath perfusion) or a micromanifold (for focal perfusion).

This perfusion system is ideal for the electrophysiology laboratory, with no detectable electrical noise when channels are switched. It’s available with a reservoir and valve bank of 4 or 8 channels. Please specify the channel number and valve type when requesting a quote.


Easy and useful workflow features

The system includes a controller, with manual switches controlling the valves. It also features a USB output for PC control, and a BNC breakout cable for connecting with external devices for integration via TTL pulses. This means it’s easy to control on/off times from your electrophysiology software via the A/D converter.

The spill sensor wire prevents potentially damaging spills. The wire can be positioned in key spill areas around the recording chamber, and will automatically switch all valves to the off-position when triggered, combined with an audible alarm.

Contact our applications team to discuss the best perfusion configuration for your setup.


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