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AE31E Inverted Microscope
AE31E Inverted MicroscopeAE31E Inverted Microscope Front and Side

The AE31E – Basic Inverted Microscope for Live Cell Imaging and Electrophysiology

Common Sense Microscopy Solution

It is often not necessary to invest extra funds into a microscope frame which offers a wide range of potential imaging configurations. It often makes more sense to opt for an economical microscope frame in your next setup, and redirect your precious budget to critical imaging components, like the objectives, light sources and filters and better cameras.

This AE31E frame offers stability and quality optics at an affordable price point. The optical system is built for accommodating infinity objectives, and the RMS thread on the 5-position objective revolver offers the option of combining the AE31E frame with various objective types and (e.g. Olympus or Motic) without having to add any adapters.

Optional Contrast Enhancement and Epifluorescence Imaging

The long working distance condenser includes optional phase contrast rings for superb contrast in transmitted light mode.

You can also add a 3-position filter slider and Mightex LEDs for epifluorescence imaging.

For epifluorescence, it’s easy to add a camera with trigger pulse capacity to coordinate your fluorescence illumination pulses with camera capture times to reduce bleaching and phototoxicity.

Expand for Electrophysiology

For the electrophysiologist, the optional external power supply keeps noisy electrical oscillations away from the setup.

You can also combine this microscope with the MCI CleverStage for Inverted Microscopes if stability and remote control is important for combining electrophysiology and imaging.

Contact us to discuss how to best assemble your next setup, and whether the AE31E Inverted Microscope would be the best solution for your requirements.

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