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Optogenetics Tapered Fibers

OptogeniX –Tapered fibers for optogenetics
Delivering light in a controlled fashion is required to fully exploit the potential of optogenetic techniques in controlling and monitoring neural circuits. A simple and cost-effective device based on a thin Tapered Optical Fiber (TF) that can perform both homogeneous light delivery and dynamically-controlled spatially-restricted illumination.
• Wide-volume illumination can be obtained in both freely-moving and head restrained mice.
• TFs also allow for site selective light delivery.
• Compatibility with both laser and LED light sources.
• In comparison with flat-cleaved optical fibers, TFs are less invasive and capable of achieving a larger illuminated volume and higher penetration depth.
• Possibility of tailoring TF emission lengths up to 3mm through NA value – perfect for deep brain regions.
• Complement existing methods for light delivery in optogenetics experiments and has the potential to replace commonly used flat-faced fibers for many applications.