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Complete Electrophysiology Setup

Electrophysiology Rig

MCI can help you build your new setup using our electrophysiology rig options. Our unique selection of technology is developed and selected with the purpose of offering a flexible and integrated solution for a wide range of research and application types. All the components are fully compatible and controlled using wireless technology. We also provide anti vibration tables and a range of other associated products.

The CleverExplore Neuroscience Workstation stands at the center of our complete rig solution. It includes a manipulator, motorised stage and microscope which all work together to offer a vibration free workstation.

The CleverExplore Illuminate Neuroscience Workstation is a complete electrophysiology rig just like the CleverExplore but comes with some added extras. It includes a Mightex Polygon400, an LED-based spatial illumination system and a compatible 2/3″ CCD Camera.

By packaging all of this technology together we are able to offer this electrophysiology rig in the same price bracket as many other options with far less capability. As well as spatial illumination hardware this rig also comes with advanced illumination control software.

We offer complete installation and training on all complete rigs.

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