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Sarissa biosensors are the ideal tools for detecting the presence and measuring the concentration of biomolecules in real time.

Platinum or carbon fiber electrodes are coated with carefully selected enzymes and permselective layers to react with the specific molecule of interest, translating the electrochemical reaction into a concentration/time curve.

Requests from customer labs drive development of the biosensor range to include an expanding range of sensor types for different biomolecules (see list below). The small sized sensors allow the researcher to position sensors in specific locations in tissue slice or in vivo, often in combination with electrical or optical stimulation and recordings.

Talk to us about options for potentiostats and data acquisition hardware and software for Sarissa biosensors.

We are able to supply sensors for neuroscience applications and labs across the UK, the USA and Globally. Contact us today to discuss our products or to place an order.

Biosensor probes are currently available for:

You will always need a Null sensor positioned close to the biosensor for detecting and subtracting a baseline signal.