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NeuroTech Today blog invite

We’re announcing a new online publication –NeuroTech Today

You are invited to subscribe to a new online publication, NeuroTech Today, earmarked to become a great resource for neuroscientists.

The majority of topics discussed in this blog will be about technology and techniques related to the fields of microscopy, electrophysiology, and drug application, but applied to the neuroscience laboratory. The tone will generally be informal and interaction between readers on the forum will be encouraged.

Subscription is free of charge, and we also offer an incentive to invited subscribers, consisting of two parts:

a) When you subscribe, we’ll send you a voucher for 10% discount against the lab’s first purchase from our partner company, Micro Control Instruments’ equipment range. Of course, this can be of significant value for larger components and complete setups, and we’re due to add many more equipment lines to our portfolio which you can benefit from. The discount voucher will be valid for 18 months after subscription. The pre-launch version of Neurotech Today is also hosted on the web domain of Micro Control Instruments.

b) The second part is entry into a prize draw for a 2/3″ CCD microscopy camera: every subscriber gets a single entry into this prize draw.

After subscription, please make sure you click on the confirmation email’s “Subscribe me to this list” button.

Subscribe here, and forward this link as a recommendation to colleagues who are active neuroscience researchers.

We’re looking forward to grow this resource in the coming months, and we invite you to contribute to Neurotech Today if you’re involved in the development of new technologies. We also welcome comments and feedback.