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Meet the Team

MCI-Neuroscience is an international company of experts working to engineer systems to support scientists the World-over in their cutting-edge research.



Joint Managing Director at MCI NeuroscienceSias Jordaan
Joint Managing Director

Joint Managing Director at Micro Control Instruments Ltd.Johnny Chiang, PhD
Joint Managing Director

Sales Logistics Manager at Micro Control Instruments LtdDarien Thorpe
Sales Logistics Manager


Craig Blomeley, Ph.D, Application Scientist at MCI-Neuroscience
Craig Blomeley, PhD
Application Scientist

Support Application Scientist at Micro Control Instruments Ltd.Andrea de Kock, PhD
Support Application Scientist


Support Application Scientist at MCI NeuroscienceSimone le Roux
Application Support Scientist

 Adam Tozer Content and Communications Manager for MCI-Neuroscience Adam Tozer, PhD
Content and Communications Manager


Mick Brook
Warehouse Technician