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About Micro Control Instruments

Micro Control Instruments Ltd.

UK Office
Innovation Stables, Unit 12
Newplace Park
East Sussex
TN22 5RH
United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1825 890 858
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Micro Control Instruments Ltd is a leading neuroscience equipment developer and integrator, focused on advancing neuroscience research by supporting the community with exceptional technology. We are here to help neuroscientists, from application to publication.

Our unique equipment range combines our own research and development output with technology from other leading developers; this includes components and systems used for imaging, electrophysiology and drug application. MCI offers a hue range of equipment options from optical and anti vibration tables, micromanipulators, and electrophysiology rigs to equipment like microscope cameras and much more.

The UK headquarters are based in the Innovation Stables, on a farm in the Southeast of England. This is supported by a satellite office China. Not only does MCI offer the very best in neuroscience equipment and tools but we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and great value. If you would like to discuss your budget requirements or any specifics about your neuroscience research and equipment needs for your lab then get in touch today.

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MCI – Accompanying Neuroscientists from Application to Publication