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Stimulating electrodes

Stimulating Electrodes: Polyimide Coated Tungsten or Steel Electrodes (A-M Systems)

This most common and versatile type of tungsten or stainless steel stimulating electrode is coated with polyimide, which offers a long lifetime without risking the coating eroding, even under high voltage stimulation protocols.

The standard sizes feature 20° tips with at least 1mm of tip exposure. Also, we will gladly manufacture electrodes to your custom specifications.
• Great for long duration stimulation
• Polyimide insulation
• 20° Tip and 3″ long
• Shaft Diameter: 0.010 Inches (250 Microns)
• Order size – 16 electrodes
• Custom electrodes available – email your specifications for a quote

Product CodeSubstrateDiameter (um)Tip Exposure (mm)Quantity/boxPrice
564410Stainless Steel254116£200
564420Stainless Steel254216£200


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