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USB 1_3 inch CCD Camera

Flexible and High Speed CCD for IRDIC and Fluorescence Imaging

Mightex’s 1/3” CCD camera, developed and produced by Mightex Systems, offers the flexibility of CCD technology, with flexible speed and sensitivity when binning, whilst still acquiring at close to video frame rate at full resolution and full frame. This reasonably priced camera ticks the boxes for basic IRDIC and fluorescence image acquisition, and offersadditional flexibility that makes it an essential tool in many labs.

Intuitive Acquisition Software

The included software controls the basic camera functions like ROI, frame rate, gain settings, contrast and trigger settings.

SME Camera MCI-CGE-B013-U
Resolution1,280 x 960
Pixel Size3.75 x 3.75 um
Bit Depth8/12 bit (Switchable)
Frame Rates20 @ 1,280 x 960, 38 @ 640 x 480 (2 x 2 Bin), 53 @ 424 x 320 (3 x 3 Bin), 66 @ 320 x 240 (4 x 4 Bin), 66 @ 320 x 240 (4 x 4 Bin2)
Hardware Gains6-43 dB
Trigger ModeWith External Trigger (Trigger Delay < 25us) Part number of the trigger cable for external trigger : ACC-CAM-DIN8 (ordered separately)
Strobe OutYes
Chip size1/3” chip

Please visit the Mightex Systems website to find more information about the USB 1/3” CCD Camera. 


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