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Harp Slice Grids

Harp Slice Grids

ALA’s Harp Slice Grids are ideal for labs who want to save the frustration and wasted time of constructing DIY weights for holding down slices in a recording chamber. These grids (sold in packs of 5) are available in various weights and sizes to suit your experimental requirements. The thin (60-65um) silica fibers are carefully glued onto the inert glass-coated steel rings, with a distance between fibers of about 1mm. This makes it possible to hold the slice down, whilst allowing for easy electrode access during electrophysiology recordings.
The following shapes, weights and dimensions are available:



HSG-5A9.5mm ID x 12mm OD x 0.5mm thick; 0.2g


9.5mm ID x 12mm OD x 1.0mm thick; 0.4g


9.5mm ID x 12.75mm OD x 0.83mm thick; 0.4g


9.5mm ID x 12.75mm OD x 1.64mm thick; 0.8g


6.4mm ID x 8mm OD x 0.5mm thick; 0.05g


6.4mm ID x 8mm OD x 1.0mm thick; 0.1g


6.0mm x 3.3mm ID x 12.7mm OD x 0.54mm thick; 0.18g – oval interior


6.0mm x 3.3mm ID x 12.7mm OD x 1.07mm thick; 0.35g – oval interior


4.8mm x 2.5mm ID x 9.5 mm OD x 0.5mm thick; .1g – oval interior


4.8mm x 2.5mm ID x 9.5 mm OD x .85mm thick; .2g – oval interior


10.0mm ID x 13.8mm OD x 0.8mm thick; 0.18g – pick and place


10.0mm ID x 13.8 mm OD x 1.8mm thick; 0.33g – pick and place


Contact our friendly applications team to discuss which option would suit you best.